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What the Doctor did for me

Dr. Awender is a gifted Chiropractor. I have had a lower back (L4) disk problem for about 13 years. Now that I have had treatment under Dr. Awender I have been pain free for the first time in years.


Dr. Jeff is great! I went to him while I was pregnant and he helped me stay feeling great! He has a great touch. I continue seeing him now that I have delivered my baby and he gets out all of my aches and pains from carrying around my baby. He also adjusts my baby, which can help with colic and gas, plus numerous other problems!


Dr. Jeff is the most unusual practitioner of chiropractic medicine I have ever met.

My husband had suffered excruciating pain for many, many years. Perhaps, neither of us had much hope of eliminating this constant agony.

My husband accompanied me on a visit to Dr. Jeff and they became involved in a conversation regarding this. Dr. Jeff was curious and asked if he could examine him. He did so, performed a procedure and my husband left without pain for the first time in his life.

What I find most remarkable is Dr. Jeff's compassion and determination to heal. His approach is out of the box; his approach is completely effective. Dr. Jeff is a very rare find indeed!


My name is Michael and this is an account of a tremendous experience I had that I can only hope can be appreciated. Since a young age and the earliest I can remember, I was kept at the kitchen table for not finishing my dinner. I remember how much my stomach hurt every night as I was forced to eat what was a normal sized meal for any kid. At school, I would pawn off my lunch or throw it away in napkins to avoid having to eat. Through grade school, high school and into my adult life I was plagued with sever pain every time I ate, was sick to my stomach at least 4-5 times a week (destroyed my teeth), avoided eating out with friends as I was embarrassed to only be able to eat 2-3 bites and was absolutely miserable. I kept on weight by eating a very high volume of sugar and drank a six pack of coke a day. I could sleep instantly and also had to take several naps a day.

At the age of thirty I started 'pain management' treatment that progressed from Vicodin (up to 15 a day) to a very high dose of Oxycontin (while I was warned that this would exacerbate my condition, it did eliminate the pain and returned normal bowel conditions to me so I 'self treated' with doctors agreeing to help but warning that it would only make me worse - it didn't and is the only way I survived for years - well except I did almost die from the drugs, suffered severe addiction and the detox nearly killed me). Needless to say, I was embalmed and surprised I did not die or suffer serious liver damage. Five years later, I decided I did not want to live on pain medication and went through a program (self monitored suboxone) to detox. Needless to say, stomach issue began to haunt me again, severe diarrhea, pain and inability to eat a full meal.

During the fifteen most difficult years I had been seen by over 20 doctors (1 in Japan), 10 specialists and one of the nations leading gastro specialists from Stanford. I have been diagnosed with hiatal hernia, gastroporesis and even told that I was absolutely fine. I have had over 8 upper GI's, colonoscopy, gastric acid tests, camera scopes, biopsies, nontraditional treatments, even tried a medication from a specialist 'donperidone' (The pharmacist didn't know how to give me a consult as it is commonly used to increase milk production in breast feeding mothers), IBS medication, nexium, axid, propolsid (sp), immodium, anti nausea medication, high blood pressure medication (the pain caused me high blood pressure: 220/160 for 2 years), and a handfull of other trial medications from Canada and Europe. The most frustrating thing was that every doctor would come back in the end and tell me that I did not have a haietal hernia or any other problem. I was actually relieved when I did a test where I had to eat a radiated sandwich (yes it was radio active and while I ate it everyone stood 30 feet away and warned me not to spill any) and the results indicated that food did not leave my stomach for an average of 10 to 19 hours - thus on paper diagnosed with severe gasteroporesis.

Solutions? Hardly. One super specialist wanted to put an actual heart pacemaker on my stomach to make it contract to move food (I asked how I could turn it off when the food had moved on and he laughed - imagine having your stomach contracting 24 hours a day, lots in and lots out - constantly). Another solution was to inject botox into the muscle at the base of my stomach to paralyze the muscle so food would fall out of it into the intestine (Disclaimer: I realize there are many who may have had these procedures or bowel removal and have possibly had great results and their life returned to them. For me, I did not want to risk surgery, hospital grade staph infections, complications and serious body modification. Passing on for me would rank higher than committing to a life of surgeries and modifications. This is my opinion and personal position and I recommend everyone make their own decisions separate from me or my choices).

One day, my fiancee came home and said, "you are coming with me to see someone." As we spoke in the car I learned that he 'Dr. Jeff Awender' was a chiropractor specializing in unique techniques and solutions to ailments and focused on whole body healing and alignment. While still skeptical (I had seen a kinesiologist once who did 'voodoo' (well it seemed that way to me) on me waiving all sorts of stuff over me and told me I was healed (as you may have guessed, I went home just as sick as before - though he may have cured me from Candida, at least for a while :)), I determined to keep my mind open to the experience.

Dr. Awender checked me out, did some strength tests, found immediately areas that were hurting me, adjusted me and I really felt pretty good as far as my back and hurting knee were concerned. The most incredible thing was that he continued to check me and said 'you have a haietal hernia'. I could have fallen out. Yes, in fact I do. It is a situation where my stomach slides up past the muscle that is supposed to let food in but not back up. Because of the pain and high location, I always felt that this diagnosis was right on. Dr. Awender indicated he would adjust it if I was okay with it. Reluctantly I agreed and holy hell did it hurt.

Upon arriving home I realized I was absolutely starving. I ate . . . and ate and had a bit more. The next day I had an early lunch, a good full lunch, a full dinner and some cookies. Everyday the same, I was hungry, when I ate it didn't hurt, the food went exactly where it was supposed to.

To date (while I may need periodic adjustments to put the stomach back where it is supposed to be) I am happy, healthy, eating lots of great fabulous food (It is like eating the most delicious things for the first time), am losing the fear or apprehension of possible pain with food and learning how to live for the first time in my life. My blood pressure is back to normal, I cook (something I love to do) and get to eat it as well now.

Finding the right person, with the right respect, understanding of life, health and happiness is tremendously difficult. Find that same person who is also in a place to bless others and help them is even more rare. Dr. Jeff Awender is not just a chiropractor. He is a healing influence with the ability to bring about tremendous positive and healing changes to others. I am forever grateful for my chance to start out a new life at the age of 35; one which would have otherwise ended by 40, now will extend many many more happy years into the future.


"ROCK STAR! This Chiropractor is my mentor. I hope to be as awesome as him when I am half his age. Saved me from surgery twice - has been my DC since I was 10 years old. I love you Doctor Awender!!!!"

-JN, Foster City

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