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We are an in-network provider for some of silicon valleys most common insurance plans. What this means for you is that you will have the lowest co-pay and deductibles with us versus going to an out of network provider. If your insurance does not have chiropractic benefits we also have low cost non-insurance rates as well.

Health insurance can be difficult to fully understand. Benefits, Co-pays and deductibles can be confusing. May times patients go to health care providers, give their health insurance card hoping to not get a large bill some time in the future only to get medical bills in the hundreds and even thousands. We don't like surprises either so in our office we will try to provide all insurance information on or before your first vist. There are of course exceptions such as weekends or later in the day when insurance companies are closed, in those instances we will get that information the very next business day and contact you so that you know exactly what your out of pocket expenses will be. We will give you our non-insurance discounted rates so that you will never be surprised by an unexpected or outstanding bill.

Feel free to call us at 408-909-PAIN if you would like us to check or go over your insurance benefits with you.

We accept and/or are in network for the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Aetna
Cigna United Health Care Health Net
Pacificare Kaiser Permanente American Specialty Health
Medicare Veterans and other insurances are also accepted

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